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Important Information
Check here for the plot, rules and species information. Hover over this description to find the link for the full section of our lists and requests, including face claims, character lists, as well as Who's Who around the forum and more!

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11 33 Jan 21 2017, 20:06
In: Archive a Thread
By: Admin Chess

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Pending Characters
Please take a copy of the application form code and post it as a new thread in this board. Complete every section, and be sure to bump the thread when it's finished in order to let us know that you've managed to get your application finished!

2 6 Jun 15 2014, 17:34
In: Application Form
By: Admin Chess
Wanted & Adoptable
Wanted characters are open canon characters, and the adoptable characters are open original characters. We want this board to be used for adverts with specific plots and ideas in relations to characters that we don't yet have.

7 193 Aug 11 2016, 21:11
In: Erik Orlov | 36/573 | Sangu...
By: Anastasia Romanova
Accepted Characters
All accepted character applications will be put here. Hover over this description if youw want to look at a particular species, or just click the main accepted character board link if you just want to peruse the characters we currently have.

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35 38 Jan 15 2017, 16:57
In: Rhys N. Hart
By: Mod Lori

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Questions & Discussions
Got ideas, questions or suggestions for us to go over? This is the place to be. We also have a sub-board here for polls and our Tumblr page, which are for members only. The main part of this board is absolutely GUEST FRIENDLY!

2 10 Jan 8 2017, 21:05
In: Updating the Who's Who
By: Admin Chess

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The Great Outdoors
You're probably better off outside during the day.... Probably. Some people wouldn't recommend going outside at all, but what sort of like would that be? It's not as if you'd be safer inside from... Things...

Subforums: Town Square, Wickery Bridge, The Falls, Religious Locales

17 66 Jan 21 2017, 14:14
In: // it's a small world
By: Clea Givens
Education & Skills
The youth of today don't really spend enough time at school these days, then again, not many people spend time at an actual library. Have you even heard of Google? Who reads actual books any more? Seriously?

Subforums: The Public Library, Mystic Falls High School, Whitmore College

19 83 Jan 21 2017, 20:43
In: I Now Pronounce You God [JU...
By: Ric Saltzman
Bars & Restaurants
For a small town, there seems to be plenty of places to get wasted. It seems bars thrive, as do restaurants, which seems strange for a wholesome town such as this. It seems the modern era is making people drunker and lazier by the second.

Subforums: The Mystic Roadhouse, The Town House Café

20 64 Jan 20 2017, 10:31
In: `` an all out blood bath ;;
By: Damon Salvatore
Science & Medicine
There's far too many random deaths for anyone's liking around here... It's a good job that the Founders' Council put so much money into the health care system. Seems they've got to be prepared for the worst a lot of the time.

Subforums: Mystic Falls Hospital, The Gilbert Building

4 17 Jan 19 2017, 22:25
In: // don't lose your head
By: Rhys Hart
Law & Government
Even the quiet little towns need some law and order, but it's a shame that it doesn't always work out as simply as it perhaps should. The sheriff's department sadly doesn't know about a lot that goes on right under their noses.

Subforums: Mystic Falls PD, Founder's Hall

3 4 Dec 4 2016, 04:01
In: Making A Monster
By: Sam Winchester
Other Locations
Everyone has to make a living somehow, and Mystic Falls has plenty of places for them to do so. There's a few busineses just on the outskirts of town, or the odd little place mixed in with some of the residential areas of town.

Subforums: The Fell Warehouse, News & Media, The Secret Bunker, Mystic Falls Auto Repair, The Mystic Motel

8 27 Jan 22 2017, 01:07
In: Give Me A Hand
By: Alexander Dunn

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Luxury Homes & Estates
Those with a little extra cash really know how to live! For a small town, Mystic Falls sure has a lot of fancy places to live; some of them have been there for centuries, others erected in the last couple of years even!

Subforums: Crowley Residence, Mikaelson Mansion, The Boarding House

10 24 Jan 20 2017, 10:34
In: `` monsters can't be pu...
By: Damon Salvatore
Family Houses
Every family needs a home, right? Big or small, clean or messy, Mystic Falls has got them all. However, you can imagine that with it being such a quiet little town, even the simplest things could be considered an eyesore...

Subforums: Forbes House, Bennett House, Donovan House

4 10 Oct 24 2016, 15:59
In: Girls Night
By: Clea Givens
Apartment Complex
When a house is too big and a hotel just isn't permanent enough, it always seems like a nice little apartment will do the trick. At least it's somewhat cheaper to run, as long as it's not a money pit, of course.

Subforums: Ric's Apartment, Sara's Apartment, The Pack's Apartment, Max's Apartment, The Harvelles', Chuck's Apartment

5 4 Oct 1 2016, 00:09
In: `` how do you do it ;;
By: Vincent Burkhardt

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The Rest of the U.S.A.
Contrary to popular believe, the world doesn't just revolve around Mystic Falls; most definitely not if you're talking about the supernatural world. There's more beyond the outskirts of town than most would like to think about.

Subforums: New Orleans, LA, Sioux Falls, SD

2 3 Aug 14 2016, 01:34
In: `` hitting the road ;;
By: Alexander Dunn
Everywhere Else
There are places outside of America, you know... Of course you know that, but have you been there? Have you really? Even some of the other people in the world haven't been everywhere. Is it even possible? Do you want to find out?
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In: ----
Other Dimensions
If it's not of this world, then it's probably here - Heaven, Hell, Purgatory (when it's put back together again, of course)... Those sorts of... Obviously very delightful and family friendly kinds of places...

Subforums: Heaven, Hell

1 0 Dec 31 2016, 18:56
In: // I could use a little com...
By: Malachai Parker

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We welcome guests and members to advertise their sites here - either first time if we've not posted on your page, or link back if we have. You can also affiliate with us if you like. You DO NOT need to register to advertise or affiliate with us.

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217 219 Jan 22 2017, 04:03
In: compass [jcink]
By: grim

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Old Announcements
Announcements that are no longer relevant or just old can be found here. You can find our polls and discussions, as well as old site wide event planning and announcement threads here too, and even records of site awards throughout the years.

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11 20 May 1 2016, 23:51
In: Plot & Sign Up
By: Admin Chess

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