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»  `` how do you do it ;;, tag vincent burkhardt & rosier
Tobias Sinclair
 Posted: May 29 2016, 22:36

Warlock & Man of Letters


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'Maybe you should go sit down, Toby, you're looking peakier than usual...'

Toby scoffed at his fellow deputy's observation before exiting the apartment, inhaling deeply now he was in the hallway and away from the mess. His jaw tightened and he lifted his hands to his hips, eyes scanning the opposite wall, looking at nothing really, but trying to get a grip on himself once more. He was so used to seeing bodies, but those that were generally killed by the supernatural. This was a very human death, a selfish death some might say, but not him.

He had heard the rumours about Renton Vaines' fragile mental state when the guy had moved to town, but he had seemed to doing so much better... But that was the way of the thing these days, wasn't it? It was the happiest that seemed to be turning their anger, their heartache, all that negativity on themselves. The poor guy had moved to Mystic Falls for a better life after what had sounded like a pretty messy break up, and look at him now...

The deputy's stomach churned dangerously.

He backed himself up against a wall, sliding down it to sit on the floor, lifting his knees before dropping his head between them as the world began to spin around him. He couldn't be sick, not here, not now.

'Sinclair, you alright down there?'

The warlock had half expected to be taunted for his present reaction, but it didn't seem anyone was in the mood for joking right now, and rightly so, all things considered. "I will be..." he called from between his knees, flinching slightly as the other deputy patted a hand against his shoulder a few times.

After a few more minutes with his head bent between his knees, he lifted his head, sitting up against the wall, staring at the plain coloured ceiling. His head tilted to one side, attempting to listen to the lowered chattered on his radio, and that of his colleagues partway down the hall. The young lawyer's phone had been ringing on and off for the last time minutes or so, but no one had been in a fit state to really take the call, regardless of whoever 'Monty' might be. They were clearly very desperate to get in touch with Renton.

His attention was drawn in the other direction as he heard the phone ringing from within the apartment again. It didn't seem like anyone was going to be going back in there unless they had to. His gaze drifted from the door down the hallway as someone roundeed corner. At the sight of the medical examer's crew, Toby scrambled to his feet. "Please, God, tell me this means I can go soon?" he questioned, almost desperately, squaring his sights on the approaching lead coroner.
Vincent Burkhardt
 Posted: Oct 1 2016, 00:09



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A scowl had shaped and taken over Vince's expression from the moment the call came in about Renton Vaine's apparent suicide. He'd heard the rumours - by this point, he figured everyone had - but he had been under the impression that the guy had been doing well, that he was coming on in leaps and bounds. His mental state certainly didn't seem to effect the work he had done to try and get the town back on its feet. Why did it always seem to be the ones that seemed to be doing so well...? What a waste.

Renton's apartment building was a buzz with conversation when he got there, a fair number of the residents having surfaced, most likely, when the gun had been fired, and then several others appearing when the police turned up, and now when the medical examiner's crew turned up. He assisted the intern in guiding the gurney and the other bits of kit through the hallway to the elevator, idly drumming his fingers along one of the rails as they waited, trying his best not to catch anyone's eye. He didn't really want anyone to attempt to strike up conversation. All he knew was that it appeared to be a suicide, and giving Renton's history, the odds were stacked up with that theory.

Once they were on the correct floor, he gave the intern a quick run down of what to be prepared for, keeping his voice low and his speech brief. The intern had yet to attend many incidents, but he had a feeling that this might incapacitate the poor kid, particularly since he didn't seem to have the strongest stomach. Sometimes, Vince really questioned how the hell the kid had made it this far...

Rounding the corner, he wasn't sure he'd ever been greeted with someone that was clearly happy to see him, given the context. "I hadn't really expected you to hang around, all things considered, but it's all about the protocol, right?" he responded, bringing the gurney to a stop and gesturing for the intern not to go inside just yet before turning his full attention to the deputy. "All I really need to know is what time you got here, and if you moved him at all, then you can go if you want," he explained, pulling a pair of gloves out of his pocket and getting them put on.
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