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»  Rhys N. Hart
Rhys Hart
 Posted: Nov 20 2016, 13:09



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Rhys Noah Hart
Photos 684
Friends 214
Vampire in The Vampire Diaries
Lives in Mystic Falls, VA
Interested in Men and Women
Born on December 10th (18/25)
Sporting dark brown eyes and light brown hair
Standing at 5'10", weighing 163bs
Looks like Xavier Samuel

About Me: The bulk of my personality stems around being somewhat mischevious and relatively straightforward. I don't take things too seriously, and I can be a little blunt and honest in my opinions of things. I don't particularly like the serious things life has to throw at me, but then again, who does? I used to have a knack for trying to avoid conflict, which I guess isn't all that easy when your brother is programmed to want to kill you at a moment's notice...that's probably how I ended up being the one to cause arguments more often than not after I was turned. We used to be best friends more than we were brothers, and now neither of us is the other's biggest fan. Really puts a spanner in the works when you're super close with your siblings to one day not have them to rely on any more.

I make up for my sometimes overly cheeky personality traits by actually being sort of nice, in a roundabout way. Of course, my version of nice isn't necessarily the same as everyone else's. My version of nice kind of stems around not making snide remarks or being sarcastic. I do have a kind side to my personality, but that is largely reserved for my sister, Sara. Although, I guess that could be seen as a bit more of an overprotective sort of thing, but I am her big brother, that's what big brothers do, right?

I can also be a bit of a loud mouth, who's not afraid of those 'bigger' than me, in every sense of the word. Sure, there's probably a fair few people who are height wise bigger than me, considering I'm only 5'10" - which is short by the standards of Hart men - but there's also plenty of those who are older and wiser, so bigger than me in that sense, and more than capable of taking me out if they wanted to.
Anything Else: Apparently my daylight item is ironic...I don't see how...crosses don't really hurt vampires...

James Hart III (grandfather)
Maria Hart (grandmother)
Richard Thompson (grandfather)
Belinda Thompson (grandmother)
James Hart IV (father)
Susanna Hart (mother)
Leon Hart (brother)
Sara Hart (sister)

Prefers to be called Raptor
Lives in GMT
Also plays Emmett Brody, Malachai Parker, and Vincent Burkhardt
Found us through already being a member
Rhys Hart
January 14th
Considering where I've ended up in life, I definitely had a very normal life in the early years; in fact, things were pretty normal until my teen years really. It seems even sort of surreal that it was just so normal. Although, I've reached a point in my life where that whole situation doesn't seem right as I'm in a very different place. If I'd known then what I know now, I probably would have done things differently, sure, who wouldn't? However, that's not how people are designed. We're born, we live, we develop, we grow, we die...and in my case, we have to go through that whole process again after we die.

I was a pretty happy child, very close with my big brother, and then my little sister when she came along. We were pretty inseperable in the early years. Of course, there was a sort of natural distance the older we got, with Leon hitting his teen years first and it being typical teen behaviour...or whatever it was dad used to say – he always had a knack for making excuses for each of us to the other two. That always seems like dad's job. Mom was the one picking up the pieces when things went wrong, maming sure everything was back in order, the practical one, and dad was the excuse maker, the one for reasoning, the logical one. Luckily, they're traits we've all got as well, in different denominations. Things just started to get a little disjointed in our respective teen years, but it's to be expected with a set of three siblings, more so when the eldest two are boys.

It was the summer before school started up again that we went on a road trip to celebrate a slightly early 19th birthday for me, and to celebrate Leon's actual 21st birthday. That was when things significantly changed. We were technically in Mystic Falls by accident, and we missed our ride back to the hotel. We were attacked by a vampire, the whole thing was a blur, even now that I have this annoyingly good memory of near enough everything. I managed to bite the thing to try and fend it off, but in the end it didn't work out for either of us. We ended up in the hospital, all Leon had was a concussion, albeit a nasty one, but I...died. It's weird to think of it like that really, even though that is the truth. I died...but I didn't at the same time. I didn't realise at the time how much of a problem that would pose for my family, Leon in particular.

I've been dealing with this whole vampire things for 7 years now, but it seemingly doesn't get any easier and I will admit that I'm not always successful at keeping myself in check. I'm stuck in my young form, I'm not regarded by the outside world as the older brother being that I look the way I do. It seems to be a pretty good conversation piece - I am older than her, yes; no, I'm not her baby brother. Luckily, Leon pulled some strings to keep my license valid, claiming a falsely filed death certificate was to blame or some other nonsense - something that apparently wasn't all that uncommon coming out of Mystic Falls Hospital. It was probably the last favour he ever did for me, other than, you know, not killing me.

It's been strange being apart from Leon. I know in our teen years we didn't get on sometimes, but since I was turned, it's like multiplied everything, and not in a fashion relating to how everything is heightened for me, just that this is worse than any of that. Of course it is though, since back then it was just teen boys being teen boys and now it's literally the difference between being alive and technically being dead. It's even more poigniant since he became one of the Five. That's certainly interesting, and I thought he could be temperamental before. At least I still have Sara to rely on, for now...
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Rhys Hart
November 20th
Rhys had been walking around for a few hours now. He was pretty out of sorts, he was hungry, and the weather wasn't helping. It was getting late, but Sara wasn't going to be back for a while, which meant he wasn't going to be eating until she did, and it was this that had him restlessly wandering around Mystic Falls in the rain. His hair was sticking to his forehead where his hood didn't quite cover his head, although, he could feel the rest of his hair doing the same around his head as his hood got more and more soaked. Maybe he should head back, but that would mean boxing himself in...he was so indecisive when he was hungry. Maybe he should head to the hospital to meet Sara and see if she could help him get his head back in order.

And that was exactly what he was going to do.

Spinning on his heel, he headed back to the town square, the to the main road. Walking might not be such a good idea, but he wasn't totally sold on the idea of being alone with someone in a taxi either. Who knew that seven years was still not long enough to get a handle on yourself? Death definitely changed people, he'd witnessed it first hand. It also did terrible things to the people around you. He embraced being a vampire, but he didn't like the hunger, the almost uncontrollable urge to kill. This was not what he signed up for when he agreed to transition, to stop himself from actually dying from what happened.

He tucked his hands into his pockets as he walked, mind ticking over the what ifs and could have beens like it always did. The walk to the hospital in the rain was going to be more than enough to clear his mind before he got there...he hoped. The cold rain was certainly enough to irritate him in other ways if that was anything to go by.

He walked for some time, moving a little bit faster when he knew he wasn't being watched, before he reached the hospital, running the last few steps to make it seem like he was just trying to avoid the rain. All perfectly normal, of course.

Once inside, he brushed his hood off of his head and rubbed his hands together in a gesture of cold as he approached the front desk. "Hey, uh, not an emergency, but I'm looking for my sister, Sara Hart," he started, offering the person sitting at the other side of the desk an apologetic look. He had come to appreciate that hospitals were not the best sort of place for a social call. Although, he imagined if he and Leon were on good terms, a police station wasn't a good place for that sort of thing either.
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Rhys Hart
June 28th

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Rocksalt Diaries
September 27th
Here at Rock Salt Diaries, we've heard that your spirit animal is a meerkat, you really admire my dad, and the theme song to your life is Come With Me Now by Kongos.

We've also heard that you're loyal, courageous, and protective, but that you can be sarcastic and stubborn... Although, considering you're known to be Leon's greatest failure and you're Sara's big brother, that's pretty good going!

Anyway, Rhys, we hope you like it here, and you know where to find us if you need anything.

Stay funky!
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Mod Lori
 Posted: Jan 15 2017, 16:57

Our Little Life Saver


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Rocksalt Diaries
January 15th
We would just like to let you know that your application has been accepted!

Hey Raptor! Obviously I'm super excited and so is Chess to finally have Leon and Sara's brother on board. Everything looks great in his application and he's ready to go! Chess or Lia will be sorting your account for him accordingly. Don't forget you can always update his application as he develops on board if need be and add him to your plotter if you have not done so already. Have Fun!
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