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»  Lucas "Luke" Parker, 21, Natus Gemini Warlock
Malachai Parker
 Posted: Feb 12 2017, 21:21

Gemini Siphoner Warlock


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Lucas "Luke" Parker
Played by: Chris Brochu (non-negotiable, canon character)

Liv is already hanging around RSD, and Luke is a canon, so there's plenty on him on the Wiki page, which is pretty handy. Given that they've recently turned 21, I feel it should be a bigger deal to have Luke around...particularly since Kai is up and about as well. I can't decide who would be more likely to recognise Kai either...they're both pretty smart and observant, but in the show, Kai up and sat right in front of Liv, spoke to her, passed her his damn driver's license and she didn't realise until he told her to look properly, so who knows!

The wonder twins are still at Whitmore, attempting to get on with their lives as far as I know. Kai has been getting his casual stalk on, but hasn't put himself directly in their way other than being someone bothersome that they've bumped into from time to time.

The merge won't be a big deal for them just yet, but I imagine papa Parker is definitely hounding the pair of them about it. They will already have the unfortunate idea of which one is stronger, given the feats achieved by Luke before the end of season 5. Given that Kai is impatient, but he can't fast forward time, he's just going to keep an eye on them...for now.
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