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Since they haven't been viewed in a while, and we changed the formatting a while back too, we have cleared out the Wanted & Adoptable board. We would like to invite everyone to post new adverts, providing as much information as possible, with an aim to get these posted on Tumblr with our usual content when that all starts up again.

With this, we have updated the character masterlist to match the theme of the other important threads around site.

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Member List
Name Level Group Joined Posts Photo
Abigail Harrison Sanguis 13-August 16 15
Admin Chess Admin 10-June 14 1876
Admin Lia Admin 25-June 14 229
Alexander Dunn Human 15-February 15 60
Anastasia Romanova Sanguis 12-June 16 15
Ange OOC 18-August 16 0
Benjamin Mathus Sanguis 7-March 16 15
Benjy OOC 26-July 16 2
BloodNBourbon Members 18-November 17 0
Bonnie Bennett Members 6-February 17 0
Caroline Forbes Sanguis 27-August 14 75
Cat OOC 4-June 16 4
Charlene Bradbury Human 26-September 15 16
Charles Shurley Human 18-June 14 75
Clea Givens Ferus 15-July 16 24
crowleysgirl2000 Members 12-July 17 0
Damon Salvatore Sanguis 15-June 14 152
Dean Winchester Members 3-June 17 1
Dylan Xavier NPC 12-December 14 33
Elena Gilbert Sanguis 30-June 14 189
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skin by miss texas at cttw, cc, and shine
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