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»  Canon List
Admin Lia
 Posted: Jun 15 2014, 15:44

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Below you will find the canon lists for both Supernatural and The Vampire Diaries. Taken characters will have a link to their completed application.

If you are not a member yet, you can copy the code below and reply to this thread to reserve a canon character for up to 7 days. For existing members, this time limit is a little more flexible. Guests are unable to see any apps that are currently in progress.

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Admin Chess
 Posted: Mar 6 2016, 20:12



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Sam lets the devil out of the cage; Dean has to clean up the mess. How he's going to clean up the mess is something beyond him, but he has to break in his new angel buddy if he's going to have a chance in Hell of stopping the apocalypse and rebuilding purgatory.


Still reeling from the fact he was tricked into releasing Lucifer; Sam is at a loss right now. Cas never answers, and Dean seems like he's trying to tackle the major details on his own. What Dean isn't expecting, however, is Sam to start thinking of the backup plans should he fail.


The apocalypse wasn't a part of the bargain that Cas was counting on when he dragged Dean from Hell. He's fallen straight into the deep end and isn't quite sure how he's going to deal with it; knowing he has to help the Winchesters any way he can to stop Lucifer winning.


Taking on the Winchester boys was a handful in itself, but taking on a relatively dim-witted hunter as well was something Bobby did not need right now. The end is nigh and he doesn't have an awful lot of time to train up Garth enough to defend himself. He's got an apocalypse to stop; even from that god-damn wheelchair.


Working with the Winchester boys isn't exactly ideal for her mother, but Jo jumps at any opportunity for the hunt. Wanting to be like her Dad, she longs for the days when she can escape the bar and out into the open, defeating the monsters.


Wrapped up in a Winchester's life is somewhere Ellen Harvelle didn't want to find herself again; but one can't avoid the inevitable. She doesn't trust them fully, but enough to know that in the end they will need all the help they can get.


Lucifer's out, and Michael is stuck in his second best vessel. The battle for Earth has become a tense one; and Heaven's champion is nowhere near ready. Michael may have to resort to drastic measures to ensure a victory in the end.


Find a vessel, fight Michael; cause the apocalypse. Seems like a pretty simple plan for Lucifer, but getting either of the Winchester boys to say yes is one giant obstacle that neither side was anticipating.


Unwilling to get involved in his sibling's feud, but completely aware of the impending apocalypse; Gabriel is finding himself living more and more in his “trickster” world than he is in the real world. It's the one place in his life he can hide until the 'war' is over.


Heaven's weapons and a 'dead' label above his head, Balthazar has it pretty cosy right about now. Nobody knows he's alive, and so, as far as anybody's concerned the weapons are scattered across the Earth. Life a real life treasure hunt; only, some of the deadliest weapons known to man are at stake.


With Lucifer's escape from the cage, it is now paramount that Michael finds a vessel before Lucifer finds his own. Zachariah's job is to make sure everything runs smoothly, and sweet talk his way into convincing Dean that being a vessel is the right and only thing he can do.


On the run, unprotected and without a tailor; Crowley seems to have received a pretty rough end of the 'apocalypse' bargain. His home is gone, and having to cut out doing deals just to keep himself on the down low is not exactly how Crowley planned on spending his 'afterlife'.


Daddy's out and it's time to play for the demon Meg; with the full knowledge that “God” is currently missing, and Lucifer has every intention of taking the Earth for the demon's. Little does she know that Crowley thinks differently...


Chuck Shurley; Prophet of the Lord, with added headaches and alcohol. He just writes the prophecies, he doesn't expect to get involved in the apocalypse and the collapsed other side. Suddenly, God's not talking much.


A former Man of Letters, labelled "Master of Spells", Cuthbert was separated from the Men of Letters in 1956. He has been collecting supernatural artefacts and creatures ever sine in his magically hidden lair.

Player choice :: The choice you can make it entirely optional - you can either feel free to leave his age as unknown or take a crack at giving him an age. If you do the latter, it would be great to see this somewhat represented in the history section of your application!


Admin Chess
 Posted: Mar 6 2016, 20:23



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Elena Gilbert
Just when she thought something was going to go right for a change...

She should have known better and now she is paying the price for it. She simultaneously lost her one of her best friends and the man she had fallen so deeply in love with; now, she could be somewhere close to understanding what her death had been like for Damon. She knows she should be happy - yes, she lost Bonnie and Damon, but she got Stefan and Ric back; she had lost two important people and gained another two in exchange. That was fair, right? The only other downside was that Enzo managed to wriggle his way back too!

A few months passed, and everyone in town seemed to be getting back into something that vaguely resembled a normal routine. That was until Damon showed up at the Boarding House and wasn't exactly himself... Between dealing with a newbie vampire guardian, a former Brotherhood hunter brother and, well, Stefan, the last thing she needed was an inherently evil ex-boyfriend back from the dead!

Regardless of how badly she had wanted to see him, she certainly didn't want to see him like this! She definitely didn't want the monster that had come back in his place. She wasn't ready to deal with that, she shouldn't have to deal with that... Luckily for her, she has a bunch of good friends who still have her back and a few old enemies that canka be easily persuaded into an alliance.
Nina Dobrev | nineteen | Sanguis Vampire | Taken

Stefan Salvatore
With Damon and Bonnie now gone, a fleeting encounter with Lexi and a distraught selection of close friends, the younger Salvatore is at a loss as to what to do with himself at the moment. He's completely clueless as to how to help Elena and the others, on top of managing his own grief for the loss of his brother and his friend, amongst all the other stresses that being a Mystic Falls resident brings.

Unfortunately, we all know that Stefan doesn't exactly handle stress well in the slightest...

He wasn't exactly the most helpful sort during the first month or so after his brother's demise, finding himself drinking and brooding a little more than is perhaps usual for any Salvatore. It's hardly unexpected considering that they would literally die for one another. Hell, that's how they ended up where they were - Stefan alive again and Damon dead - in the first place, Damon having wanted to save his brother so badly.

Suffice to say, he was reluctant to believe the news of his brother's return to the living until he saw it for himself, saw the monster his brother had become, a monster that could give even the Ripper of Monterrey a run for his money. Considering his own history, he knows Damon's path to salvation is going to be arduous, perhaps even a little dangerous, when you consider where he was for several months.
Paul Wesley | one hundred and sixty-four | Sanguis Vampire | Taken

Damon Salvatore
"I don't kn..."

Seriously? He didn't even get to finish his own last words? The irony of that may not have completely been lost on him had his death occurred at the exact same moment as Bonnie's, at the exact same moment as the Other Side collapsed. In all the chaos and confusion that followed, he lost Bonnie before being pulled to a place he never thought he would actually go.


The problem with Hell is that nothing can really prepare you for the mental and physical anguish you will surely endure. It's a rare thing to make it through something like that, and even if you could, would you want to? You're not exactly going to come out the same on the other end. Damon certainly didn't.

For months now, Damon has been back in the real world, well, most of him has been. There's definitely something missing, you can see it in the black inky depths of his eyes, hidden under the shadow of those hypnotic baby blues. Since he's been back, the number of local animal attacks has definitely increased, but no one's willing to admit what the real problem is here. This is one mess that his friends weren't going to be able to clean up that easily...
Ian Somerhalder | one hundred and seventy-one | Sanguis Vampire | Taken

Caroline Forbes
So, Tyler's dead, Stefan's dead, Enzo's dead, Elena's dead, Damon's dead, Bonnie's dying... But then, Enzo's alive, Tyler's alive, Elena's alive, Stefan's alive, Ric's alive, Bonnie's dead... Again, and Damon's still dead...


No, they were all supposed to come back! This whole mess has left Caroline very conflicted about what she is supposed to do and who she is supposed to help out or even lean on for herself.

The happy, bubbly version of Caroline has been replaced by the organised, calculating version... At least, until things get back on track with Damon. Plus, there's Klaus to consider now. She invited him here, and there's every chance he could leave again once he's helped with Damon...

Because that's all he signed up for... Right?

For once, she couldn't be any more out of her comfort zone as she doesn't know how to help Damon, how to truly comfort her friends and what exactly she's going to do about Klaus. She has no real control over what happens next. Perhaps it's time for her to admit that she's bitten off more than she can chew this time...
Candice King | nineteen | Sanguis Vampire | Taken

Alaric Saltzman
Having returned from the Other Side just moments before it collapsed, Ric is pretty lucky - in a very weird kind of way - that he has a gaggle of grieving teenagers around him to keep him almost entirely occupied. Obviously, the last thing he'd thought would happen was that he would get a second chance at being the guardian he promised Jenna he would be, but things are a little bit haywire without having Damon's moral greyness to rely on at times.

Both he and Caroline tried to hard to figure out how to help get Damon back in the first place, crossing lines with certain extra-talents members of the Whitmore faculty and student population, as well as spending many an hour trawling through old books and, Heaven forbid, Google. Unfortunately, they didn't get very far, and, upon his rebirth, Ric's not sure he's too keen on having his drinking buddy back.

Right now, he's just trying to keep his head above water, and keep everyone else afloat whilst they all try and figure out how they're supposed to help Damon through this extra dark period of his life. A post-Hell Damon was not exactly who he intended on babysitting, let alone teaming up with the likes of Klaus to do it.

PLAYER CHOICE :: Relating to his species - either he came back from the Other Side as an Original vampire or a human/hunter.
Matt Davies | thirty-six | Sanguis Original Vampire | Taken

Jeremy Gilbert
Poor little baby Gilbert, just about when he couldn't get enough of Bonnie and was even kind of getting used to Damon, everything went to Hell... Quite literally.

It's pretty clear at this point that he is never really going to get a break, not while he stays in Mystic Falls. However, he can't drag himself away, not now - Elena needs him, hell, even Ric needs him. Could he really just leave all of that behind for the sake of his own sanity? Could he really let everyone down again?

He did flounder around for a while after Damon and Bonnie died, getting pretty lost in himself, letting his schooling and grades slip once again - despite Ric's best efforts - which is definitely nothing new for the younger Gilbert sibling. Sadly, it wasn't exactly easy to pick up the pieces of himself again when Damon came back, considering the overall state of the elder Salvatore vampire. It was made more difficult by the fact that whatever had changed in Damon made the Hunter in Jeremy very agitated.

He's honestly torn between holding onto the hope that they can try and bring Bonnie back or choosing to move away, going to college and making an attempt at a somewhat normal life. Of course, he can't really avoid the supernatural life, being a member of the Brotherhood of the Five, but he could try, right? It would just be weird to move on without Bonnie now...
Steven R. McQueen | eighteen | Brotherhood of the Five Hunter | Taken

Matthew Donovan
Just when he thought things couldn't get any messier, Matt has now had to see the deterioration of his circle of friends. Matt being the good, old, reliable guy that he is, he's just about able to keep his head above water and be something resembling the rock that his friends desperately need to hold on to right now.

Luckily for him, he has some normality left for himself - when the Harvelles rebuilt and refurbished the grill, they gave all of the staff their old jobs back, meaning Matt still has work to fall back on. Although, with the little down time he had between one lot of drama and the next, he's not sure that the Roadhouse will be the end all of what he does with his life. He wants to do so much more now!

However, with everything being set aside to try and help Damon, Matt is putting his dreams aside for the time being. There will always be time. He's not dead... Yet. Plus, he hasn't died recently, so he's doing pretty well, breaking his own records in how long he's keeping himself going at the moment, which is always a plus.

Maybe he should start getting a little selfish, doing things for himself; maybe that will extend his overall life expectancy at this point. Although, he can't just let his friends down like that, can he? He's good, old, reliable Matt Donovan. He can't help himself.
Zach Roerig | twenty | Human | Open

Tyler Lockwood
Considering the events that lead up to his death, it's no wonder that Tyler has come back to the land of the living a little confused, particularly since the vampire part of him seems to be gone. It's a little difficult to tell at the moment if he'll be able to suitably adjust to not having all those wonderful vampire perks.

After the Grill explosion, the collapse of the Other Side, and the death of Damon and Bonnie, Tyler soon made himself scarce, knowing that he had been given a second chance, and there was no way he could live in Mystic Falls without killing anyone. It always seemed to happen, by some graphic accident or other. No werewolf he knew went out of their way to kill someone to trigger themselves. It was months before anyone heard from him, even Matt and Jeremy.

However, with Matt being here, and pretty much the only human of their little dysfunctional group, Tyler couldn't stay away for long. Much as he always felt like somewhat of a neglected spare part, he knew he couldn't stay away from his friends for too long. He had been so selfish for such a long time; he had a lot of making up to do.

Following on with the theme of making the most of his second chance, as well as making up for lost time, he's gone back to college, although, he's got a lot of catching up to do in terms of the classes he wants to be a part of and the like. It's nothing a few sleepless months won't rectify...
Michael Trevino | twenty | Untriggered Ferus Werewolf | Taken

Katherine Pierce
The death of Katherine Pierce was a tragedy... For Katherine, of course! At least she got to say a heartfelt goodbye to her long lost daughter, having cruelly sabotaged Elena and then being heartlessly stabbed by Stefan. In the grand scheme of things, all she wanted was to get Stefan back, have that epic romance again.

It would have been out of character for her to go down without a fight, although, it seemed like someone took an instant dislike to her, dragging her off into the unknown, into the darkness beyond... Luckily for her, she landed on her feet; unluckily for her, she ended up in Hell... Well, sort of. As it turns out, there's such a thing as prison worlds, and she had been dragged off into one by an infamous siphoner, a member of the Gemini coven, Kai.

She has spent months with the warlock, working her way onto his good side - is that even possible when a person doesn't have a good side? - and ensuring herself a ticket out of the prison world they are caught up in. At first, she was a novelty to Kai, someone to talk to, but surely the novelty has worn off after he rallied himself a Bennett witch...

Considering everything that's going on, Katherine is a distant memory. She's been in Hell or wherever, out of their lives for so long now that no one has given her much of a second thought. No one would expect her to come rolling into town in the wake of an embittered warlock, right?
Nina Dobrev | five hundred and thirty-eight | Witch | Open

Lorenzo St. John
Having been so convinced that Stefan was responsible for the death of his beloved Maggie, it was no real surprise that he went on to turn off his humanity. What else could a guy do when he found out the one person he really had left was the one responsible for causing him the most pain? Albeit, he should really have learned that lesson a long time ago - the people you love are those that are capable of hurting you the most, without even realising it.

It was also a shame his plan to sabotage Stefan severely backfired on him when Damon made the choice to blow up the Grill and save his baby brother. Angry as he should have been at Damon, that would mean being angry at the one remaining person that meant anything to him, and to do that would be to give up entirely. However, that's not exactly going to stop him anymore.

That all being said, the Mystic Falls gang may have bigger things on their minds, however, they should really be mindful of the fact that Enzo's revenge hasn't completely run its course... Yet. Although, he's certainly going to have a run for his money when he finds out what really happened to Damon while he was gone, and how vicious his former best friend and cell mate can be when he's cornered.

PLAYER CHOICE :: Relating to his species - either he came back from the Other Side as a he's a vampire or a human.
Michael Malarky | one hundred and thirty-six | Sanguis Vampire or Human | Open

Olivia Parker
Still in hiding, attempting to recover from her semi-recent ordeal with magic that very nearly killed her, Liv is trying her best to make sure that her brother doesn't go off the rails in his attempts to keep her safe at the moment. Neither of them are exactly happy with what happened in Mystic Falls, but they are dangerously outnumbered by vampires at the moment - that is, at least, until they manage to find themselves another proper cover to join. Here's hoping that doesn't actually happen anytime soon as Mystic Falls might not be able to take much more magical crazy at this point.

Despite everything that happened, Liv is still trying to maintain the former semblance of normal she had just about managed to achieve - balancing her college studies with a lot of bar work. Of course, her brother would have them running and/or hiding, but she just about managed to swing him to her way of thinking... For now.

The young witch is somewhat thankful that those who would most likely not be happy to see her around are far too distracted with things back in Mystic Falls itself, whilst she scurries around Whitmore, picking up the pieces of time she lost when she was too weak to function. Her savings took a big hit in trying to keep herself afloat during said downtime, and she's pretty behind on classes that it's getting difficult to see an end in sight, but she will continue on, if only to prove a point to Luke.
Penelope Mitchell | twenty | Gemini Natus Witch | Taken

Lucas Parker
Luke is spending the majority of his time lately looking after his twin sister and attempting to make sure the Mystic Falls gang stays off their backs.

As much as he is more than ready to take revenge for them pushing her like they did, he still very much understands that his use of magic in the state of mind he's in could lead him down a very dark path, a path that not even Liv would be able to pull him back from. He doesn't want to turn out like the Parker family's most infamous megalomaniac. He doesn't really fancy the idea of being exiled for the rest of his life.

For the time being, he's keeping out of the way, but there's plenty of time for revenge in the future, what with the majority of his targets being immortal and all. He's just so sick and tired of people using and abusing the magic gifts that he and others like him have been granted. He knows if it becomes the focal point of his life it will consume him, so for now, he's going to try and focus on his studies, focus on keeping his sister safe.

At least they don't have to worry about anyone coming after them, siphoning their powers from them in order to feed his own addiction to power. Yeah, it's not like they have the worst luck in the world and that will ever happen now, right? The Other Side collapsed and his prison world with it... Right?
Chris Brochu | twenty | Gemini Natus Warlock | Open

Niklaus Mikaelson
In a city as large as New Orleans, you would think that it wasn't possible for a man to feel caged in. However, when you mix that with an ingrained reflex to run from everything and never stop, it's not that difficult work out why the Original hybrid would be a little tetchy... Or, should we say, more tetchy than usual. Of course, he and his family are grateful for the fact that their old stomping ground hasn't completely changed, not really, and their former home still available to them.

Having gone to the city on the word of someone he had never really liked, never really trusted was his first, very obvious mistake, Klaus isn't likely to be making more like that anytime soon, such as breaking a promise he made on a whim, to get an answer he honestly thought he wouldn't get. Although having got the answer, it did make it that little bit more difficult to leave, but he was going to keep to his word - he was going to leave Mystic Falls and never return... Not unless she really wanted him to, at least; not that that part of the promise was ever spoken, just internalised by the somewhat hopeful hybrid. Is it really breaking a promise when the person you made it to asks you to do so?

PLEASE NOTE :: The events that took place during the Originals seasons 1 through 3 have not happened here. The historical information is being retained. The events of the Vampire Diaries episode "The Originals" have been changed. Read the site plot for more details.
Joseph Morgan | one thousand and thirty-four | Original Sanguis Ferus Hybrid | Taken

Elijah Mikaelson
A combination of Elijah's rationality, mixed with Klaus' audacity and Bekah's charm, has gained the remaining Mikalson siblings some semblance of safety within New Orleans, under Marcel's watchful eye. How strange it is for Klaus' former ward to be the one on the look out for them.

He followed his brother blindly, as he always had, when the hotheaded hybrid decided to go chasing a rumour, a tale presented to him by Katherine Pierce of all people. He thinks it's a happy chance that there wasn't actually some ridiculous plot against his brother, considering how they spent centuries running from such things, but there are much worse things to worry about these days than a bunch of angry witches.

He was hardly surprised when his brother decided to return to Mystic Falls, on the whim of the young blonde vampire he had become so besotted with. This left Elijah and Bekah in charge of what remained of Klaus' ragtag bunch of misfits, the hybrids that remained loyal, despite their differences and varied opinions of Klaus. Of course, that didn't stop some of them running after their alpha, although, some remained merely because of the comfort New Orleans provided.

PLEASE NOTE :: The events that took place during the Originals seasons 1 through 3 have not happened here. The historical information is being retained. The events of the Vampire Diaries episode "The Originals" have been changed. Read the site plot for more details.
Daniel Gillies | one thousand and thirty-five | Original Sanguis Vampire | Open

Rebekah Mikaelson
Rebekah has been trying her very best to keep out of trouble down in New Orleans, but that doesn't exactly mean that her brothers know everything that she's been getting up to. As much as she is missing Mystic Falls - just a little, somewhere in the back of her mind - she would much rather be with her brothers in the days to come.

The Other Side has collapsed and it's pretty apparent that there's more than the usual levels of strange in the city she currently resides in. Despite this, she had started feeling more like herself, perhaps getting a little too comfortable. That was until Klaus decided to go chasing after Caroline at the drop of a hat. Being the romantic that she is, she can understand why he did it, but it's more the fact that it's Klaus that's done it, a man who seemed all to eager to be rid of Mystic Falls and the people that resided within.

Now that he's gone, she doesn't feel all that comfortable with the remnants of the army he left behind. Those who seemed truly bothered about his departure have already followed, although, it's difficult to tell where any of the hybrid loyalty lies these days.

PLEASE NOTE :: The events that took place during the Originals seasons 1 through 3 have not happened here. The historical information is being retained. The events of the Vampire Diaries episode "The Originals" have been changed. Read the site plot for more details.
Claire Holt | one thousand and twenty-nine | Original Sanguis Vampire | Open

Elizabeth Forbes
Left seriously injured after the explosion at the Grill, Liz is lucky that she had a couple of friends on the Other Side to help her out. things cold have been a great deal worse otherwise. During her recovery, she spent many months overseeing the rebuilding and refurbishment of the Mystic Grill - now the Mystic Roadhouse thanks to the Harvelles - and some of the surrounding buildings, as well as training up a few new deputies. She was pleasantly surprised at the recent intake, thinking there was no hope of getting the staff after everything that happened, the town's unusual history.

After so much time off, she was definitely ready to get right back into the thick of things, although, it's unclear if she will be able to take the strain if things get any worse than they already were in her precious little town. There's so much pressure to keep everyone in town safe, but it's so difficult when you know there's so much more going on that people aren't aware of and she can't exactly go talking about with just anyone.

Of course, in more recent days, she's noticed something change in her daughter, she's not sure what, she can't place her finger on it, but something tells her it's something about a boy. Call it mother's intuition if you will. However, she can't decide if whatever it is is a bad thing or not. She knows Caroline is on edge because of Damon's return and overall state of being, but this seems to be related to something else, something not too far removed from it, but definitely not just something about her old vampire sidekick's return.
Marguerite Macintyre | forty | Human | Open

Bonnie Bennett
Dying literally hand in hand with Damon Salvatore hadn't been anything like how Bonnie thought she would go out. She hadn't exactly expected a blaze of glory or what have you and she hadn't expected to die alongside anyone but Damon would have been the last person she would have thought it would be. In those final few moments, she sought comfort in him, wondering if what would happen now would be the permanent end of them both. Not that it mattered, of course. Give it a few seconds and she was going to exist... And then she didn't. Just like that.

It was absolute chaos, in that singular flash of light, so much going on all at once. She could have easily gone to Hell, but for whatever reason, Damon wasn't going to let that happen without a fight. He shoved her away as he was dragged down, deeper and down, and she was pulled in the other direction. That one final selfless gesture, that stuck in her mind as she ascended.

That wasn't what she wanted. She couldn't help her friends if she ascended, there was no simple way to return. She had to get back... Somehow.
Kat Graham | twenty | Ghost or Angel | Open

Hayley Marshall
Hayley had originally tried to help the hybrids with some sort of good intentions in mind... Sort of. She would be freeing a bunch of people from Klaus' sire bond, as well as having a few that would willing align themselves with her. However, she is a ruthless young wolf who will do anything for information regarding her family. She subtlety orchestrated the mass murder of 12 hybrids to try and get information out of Professor Shane, yet a one night stand with Klaus proved to be more informative.

With the information he provided, she found herself genuinely curious as to if there was any truth behind what he had said to her or if he was just trying to pose her with a worthy distraction - there had been no reason for him to lie, but she couldn't exactly take his word as gospel now, could she? Not after all the stories she'd heard in general, and those from Tyler. Plus, she's not going to put herself in a situation that she might not be able to get out of, like disappearing off into the bayou by herself, for example.

She didn't know what to make of it when what Klaus said turned out to be true. There was indeed a wolf pack out in the bayou, one stronger than she'd come across before, even when she compared it to Klaus and the sire bond he held over his hybrids. The question still remains whether or not she will stay with those who claim to be her real family, or if she will run away, to try and maintain her lone wolf posterity.
Phoebe Tonkin | twenty-one | Triggered Ferus Werewolf | Pending

Meredith Fell
After everything she got wrapped up in because of Damon, Alaric and the others, Meredith moved away for a while, having earned herself a hospital transfer. Mystic Falls was her home, but she wasn't exactly a fan of the place it was becoming or the person that made her because of it. She was sneaking vampire blood, toying with dangerous people... If that wasn't a cause for concern, she didn't know what was. It probably just felt worse because she had noticed it in herself, so she could only imagine how it would be if anyone else had noticed and done something about it before she did.

Of course, Mystic Falls will always be her home and she occasionally returns for council meetings if she's available and just so happens to be in the area as she is still a member of one of the Founding families and it's her given birthright to have a say in what happens in town. Granted, a lot of her input is given over the phone, text, e-mail or other means of communication that mean she doesn't have to be there. She's not exactly known for going out of her way to help any more.

How could she stay away though when she finds out yet another gas leak has caused the Grill of all places to explode? It was one of her regular social spots, throughout her teenage and adult life. It was a core element of the town. Surely she can't stay away much longer, knowing something needs to be done to boost the town moral and the like? Although, she's a Fell and selfishness is one of the family's core character traits...
Torrey DeVitto | twenty-seven | Human | Open

Malachai Parker
Labelled an abomination by his own family, was it really that big of a surprise when he massacred the majority of his siblings in the pursuit of power? Of course, this earned him a one-way ticket to a prison world; a place where he was technically not dead, yet was by no means alive. He was out of the way, he couldn't hurt anyone else. It was something likened to Purgatory itself, however, there was no chance of him ever bumping into another being. His own personal Hell... Or a very mild form of it at least. Hell, he would discover, was much, much worse.

Considering how long he spent by himself, his mind had become kind of numb to the idea of physical interaction with another being. Sure, Hell wasn't a positive physical interaction, but it wasn't as if he'd had a lot of that in his life anyway. After a while, he even began to embrace the torment Hell thrust upon him.

Now, he needs to make them all pay for what they did, whatever the cost may be...

PLAYER CHOICE :: Relating to his species - either he is resurrected from Hell as a Natus siphoner, which means he has a deal with a crossroads demon who will return in 10 years to claim his soul, or a crossroads demon, which means he has to make deals to capture souls and keep Lucifer happy. Relating to his face claim - either she is Chris Wood if you choose to be a Natus siphoner, or he can have any face you like if you choose to be a crossroads demon.
Chris Wood | forty | Gemini Natus Siphoner | Taken

Dean Winchester
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