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»  Girls Night, Tag: Clea
Katie Daren
 Posted: Oct 23 2016, 18:05



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Witches and Wolves
tag: Clea // words: ?// outfit
As the witch sat on her sofa she pulled out her phone, Mac was out with friends - figures, that girl was the definition of a social butterfly. Alaric was - well they were friends… and she knew she had no right really to feel a little pouty when he told her he was out at the Roadhouse. Katie wasn’t really the clingy type, she never had been, however she’d not really liked anyone since her last boyfriend died and now she probably liked Ric. Katie groaned, she sounded like a teenager! Katie tapped away on her phone, texting her brother, and Ric. Mostly Ric, to be fair he was texting about the book - they'd started this joke in the shop that it was like a child and it had just snowballed into a private joke. Then Mac texted her, she smirked and shook her head, that girl was so honest about where she was and what she was up to Katie never felt the need to worry. She was waiting on Clea to show up for girls night. Clea had been in town a while and Katie and her seemed to get on well.

Katie pulled open the door when she heard the loud and chirpy knock of Clea as she slipped her cell into her back pocket and laughed, “Clea! My, my, look what the cat, erm dog, dragged in.” She teased, joking of course. The thing about having so much time and history to help you with everyday life, not even witch stuff, just like friends and such was that you knew never to judge a book by it’s cover. Like Clea, she was a wolf, untriggered but a wolf never the less, but Katie had met her, the woman somewhere inside and she didn’t mind the wolf part, never had and she knew she never would mind it. Obviously she had met supernatural creatures that Mac would never meet, but Clea, she was practically an aunt to the girl.

All of the Daren women had been similar, they took no nonsense, they stuck by their family and friends and they told you how it was, not what you want to hear. Her gran had been known for it, so had the ones before, Clara was the same, Katie was most like her out of everyone. She guessed that’s why she got along with people like Clea. She wasn’t bothered about feelings in the sense that to feel better you might have to hear the truth. Clea was looking for answers, they all were and it was her job as friend to help with it.

“Come in, I was getting overly bored waiting on you.” She scolded like a teacher would a latecomer to class, “You brought Mr. Tequila! Tomorrow morning Katie hates you, this Katie loves you.” She laughed and shut the door. Already set out was what Katie had prepared, not a lot, just nibbles and drinks.
girlwhowaited @ (cttw)(shine)
Clea Givens
 Posted: Oct 24 2016, 15:59

Untriggered Werewolf


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Cursing the new boots that were pinching her toes but had looked damn good when she’d slipped them on this morning, Clea slid out of her car in front of the Daren house. At least once she was inside she could kick them off and put her feet up. Katie was now more family than just a friend and would understand the misery of sore feet. Knowing her friend she’d also show a little sympathy over the thesis frustration. A not so sweetly worded email had come from her supervisor last night, enquiring in no uncertain terms about when the next section was going to bed ready. ”I guess sometime around next Christmas isn’t going to wash,” Clea muttered to herself, finally giving in and pausing to tug her boots off as she reached the relative safety of the porch. The wooden floor was cool against her sock clad feet but at least her toes weren’t being squished anymore and she was free to breathe a sigh of relief. Unless the alcohol that girl’s night was sure to involve numbed her sufficiently for a trip home in a cab with those torture devices on she was going bare foot, or better yet, she’d bunk in Katie’s spare room for the night. Even with Josh home at the moment there was always room for her in the rambling house and lord she was thankful for that.

The trip from San Francisco to Mystic Falls had been fun, the tunes pounding out on the stereo in her car had helped the miles fall away, and had aided in turning her voice croaky. The problem had come when she’d actually started settling in. Being the new girl in a college a quarter full of freshmen had been easy. There were welcoming events, people practically trained in making sure you didn’t fall through the cracks. Being an adult and making a move to a quiet little town where everybody seemed to know absolutely everybody else hadn’t been quite so easy. Of course, she’d spent the first couple of weeks chatting to absolutely everyone who crossed her path, admittedly some had only responded reluctantly though. Eventually the ice had broken and some had gotten downright friendly back but the first people to make her feel totally welcome had been Katie and her family. Almost before she knew it she’d been at Katie’s kitchen table with her and her niece, putting away her own weight in Katie’s fantastic cooking, joining in the relentless teasing of Katie’s brother when he’s finally made his way back into town. It’d almost been like being with her parents again, that sense of warm welcome and companionship making the town feel more and more like home the longer she was here.

Not bothering with the bell, Clea rapped her knuckles in a quick tune against the front door. If Josh answered she’d hand over her boots, pat his cheek and get the dear to go fetch her a drink. Knowing him he’d do it too, even if she wasn’t being absolutely serious with him. Despite his occasionally grumpy exterior and refusal to do half the things his sister asked him to, Josh was an absolute sweetheart. Dancing inside on tiptoes, Clea dropped her boots on the floor in the hall and gave her friend a quick hug. ”Thanks,” she said on a chuckle. ”Now I know how bad I look. It’s the stress, it’ll have me shedding before the week’s out. You have a spell to help with that right, probably the same one you use for mange?” She stuck her tongue out at her friend as she dropped her bookbag down on top of her boots. The jokes didn’t bother her a whit, never had done. Katie and her brother were the only ones she’d really told about what had drawn her to town, what her mom had told her about her biological dad. Rather than run out screaming about the lunatic with delusions of future furriness, they’d accepted the story, had known the truth in it.

Rubbing her hands together, Clea moved towards the living room. At the chiding she turned, walking backwards for a moment, hands pressed together in a sign of surrender. ”Mea culpa,” she admitted, properly penitent for just a split second. ”I had to dig my way out from under a mountain of books at the library before I could head over here. It was a choice between spending the day getting eyestrain and having my supervisor actually fly out here and throttle me. I think this might work as an apology right?” Raising her brows Clea slipped a hand into the bag slung over her other shoulder and withdrew the bottle of clear liquor. The tip of her tongue peeked between her teeth in a cheeky gesture. ”I thought I could do with a little of his healing power tonight and I knew this Katie would agree with me. Tomorrow morning Katie can try and wring some sympathy out of her big brother. Talking of Tall, Grumpy and Unsympathetic, I take it he’s disappeared out for the night. How about Mac?” While she was fully prepared to tease Katie’s big bro relentless and corrupt her niece, there was a part of her that’d be glad if it was just the two of them for tonight. A groan fell from her lips as she poached a handful of peanuts, and tossed a couple back. Yeah, skipping lunch had been a bad idea.
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