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Since they haven't been viewed in a while, and we changed the formatting a while back too, we have cleared out the Wanted & Adoptable board. We would like to invite everyone to post new adverts, providing as much information as possible, with an aim to get these posted on Tumblr with our usual content when that all starts up again.

With this, we have updated the character masterlist to match the theme of the other important threads around site.

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»  Rules & Guidelines
Admin Chess
 Posted: Jun 15 2014, 21:30



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These rules may be amended at any time, however, offences made before the rules are changed will not be counted. We will always notify members of changes.

    Please register with your character's name, not your actual name (unless it is an OOC account, in which case, notify staff so you can be put in the right member group). Be sure to use proper capitalisation when registering. For the time being, you may have 5 canon characters, however, original characters and NPCs are unlimited. All we ask is that you are active (read on for details on activity). For more on NPCs, check out the Claims & Requests thread.

    In terms of canon characters, please make sure you have the following:
    • 15 posts as your first canon to get your second
    • 10 posts as your second to get your third
    • 7 posts as your third to get your fourth
    • 5 posts as your fourth to get your fifth

    There are a lot of canon elements that are open for discussion; please direct all questions and suggestions regarding canon changes to a member of staff. Similarly, if you wish to pick up a canon character that is not on our list, we will consider each one on a case by case basis, and we would recommend that you either contact a member of staff or complete a full application for the character to be reviewed.

    If you've applied for a canon, but still need to get the posts as your existing canon(s), your application will be accepted and the character put on reserve. Unfortunately, this reservation is no longer permanent - if you end up receiving an activity strike as your existing characters, your application will be archived and the account deleted. You will be able to reapply a month later, the same rule that applies to if you lose a character and wish to reapply. However, the reservation means that no one else will be able to apply for the character. The description will be changed to "ACCEPTED (number-in-words posts remain)", and edited as you make posts. You'll not be able to post as this character until you've reached the post criteria and the application fully accepted.

    When completing your application, you will come across a section that refers back to the rules. Please, could you change the image to something that depicts your character's current favourite film (either a screencap from the film, a DVD cover, a quote, etc.) and be sure to change the label to a comment your character may make about said thing. This is like our nifty version of asking you to put in a 'password' or something.

    We also offer wanted and adoptable characters. We believe both are helpful if you don't know where to begin, or aren't sure what you want to try out at the moment. The main distinction between the two is that wanted characters have a lot of negotiable or undefined elements and they are canon character, and adoptable characters will have far less negotiable elements, and are exclusively original characters. If you pick up a wanted or an adoptable character and later lose the character, it will be put back up for adoption, potentially in it's original state, although, this may vary depending on the things you went through as the character and whether the person who made the original request would want to keep them intact.

    Wanted characters are those with plot potential as they are relatives to other characters, or characters that would be most easily integrated into the plot at any given time. These characters are more likely to have plots, a face, a species and a name that are possibly up for negotiation, and you can claim them within each individual thread, or PM the original poster for more information. These are exclusively canon characters. The only exceptions would be filling gaps as per canon (e.g. a member of the Brotherhood of the Five, or a Man/Woman of Letters).

    Adoptable characters are created by members of the site and may not necessarily have any plots, but would be filling in character or stat gaps on the site. These could also be the characters our members have in mind, but wouldn't have the time or inclination to play. These may already have the makings of a start of an actual application - they may have more detail than a wanted character, and may be less easily negotiated perhaps, but it would depend on the original poster. You can claim them within each individual thread, and it would not be classed as "cheating" if you use exact details from the originally posted idea. These are exclusively original characters.
    Our definition of 'active' is that you post 3 RP posts per month minimum. Posts should be between 2-3 paragraphs long (at their shortest), and each paragraph should be at least 5-7 sentences long. We do also encourage writers to write a lot more - this is just the minimum expectation as we know not everyone wants to write a novella. Quantity doesn't always directly link to quality. Generally, as long as posts are well structured and allow for input/interaction with other players, then that is a suitable post. All posts must be readable and have good levels of spelling and grammar and be written in the third person. We do understand English is not necessarily everyone's first language, so we are more than willing to make allowances for that. A thread that has been sitting for over 2 months will be considered inactive and archived - please let staff know if you wish to have it restored.

    No god-modding or power-playing. Part of good RP etiquette is the ability to communicate with the other writer(s) you are interacting with in any given RP thread. Please be sure to bear this in mind at all times.

    In terms of activity, we will work on a strike and warning system; this system applies to both canon and original characters. After one month, your inactive account will receive a strike. After two months, you will receive a second strike and a written warning. After three months, you will receive a third strike and your account will be deleted. If it is after three months and your account was moved to the 'Inactive' user group or deleted, you are still welcome to create a new account (if it was deleted) and reapply. Upon reapplication, if you are not active during the first month, you will lose the character again. Additionally, if you create an account, but then do not post or log in for a fortnight, your account will be deleted.

    Activity checks will generally be posted on the 1st of the month, however staff do get quite busy with their real lives as well as the overall maintenance of the site. For posts to be part of the upcoming activity check, they have to be posted between the 1st and the last day of the month (28th/29th/30th/31st, depending on the month), inclusive. For example, if the AC is to be posted on August 1st, the posts to ensure you are deemed active must be posted on and between July 1st and July 31st.

    Members with aways are immune to the strike system for the first couple of months. It wouldn't be fair if aways didn't count from the off. However, it is difficult for plots to move forwards if members are away for an extended amount of time. If it comes to month three, they've been listed as away, and they've been listed as away, and they have not reached or attempted the minimum activity levels, then the account will be moved to the 'Inactive' group. If they do not respond to us, the activity check or post before the end of the activity check, the account will be deleted and the character reopened, if canon or adoptable. Where possible, members with aways should try and reply to the activity check when it is posted in order to update their away status.

    With all characters, it may be difficult to find plots for them. We welcome you to put them on hiatus. This will mean that you have given us a reason for them to be away (e.g. the character has gone travelling, or is temporarily dead, etc.) without the risk of losing the character. For original characters, this can last as long as you need it to. For canon characters, we ask that you only put your character on hiatus for a month at any one time. There is no limit as to how many times you can put your character on hiatus, but you cannot consecutively do this for canon characters. If you ever need a deadline extending, be it for your character hiatus or reservation, please be sure to contact a member of staff and request more time.
    This section covers behaviour that is not acceptable, a lot of which is actually part of JCINK's general forum rules, not just us wishing to keep things clean and civil. When you sign up for an account on any JCINK forum, you are agreeing to the Terms of Service. For now, here are the terms of general forum courtesies and unacceptable behaviour - a lot of them are self explanatory

    No flaming (e.g. name calling, swearing at people, general abuse, etc.). Bullying in any way, shape or form will not be tolerated. Responding to bullying with the same sort of behaviour will also not be tolerated. Please keep swearing in general to a minimum - we do realise it is within the fandoms we have selected, however we would appreciate it if everyone kept it to a bare minimum.

    No sexual content or references, and no offensive material. These are a big issue with JCINK. We would appreciate anything that may be getting a little bit detail be faded out in your posts. This sort of content should not be produced by or with a person below the legal age of consent (whatever that may be for your country of residence).

    No trolling/spamming, including no advertising outside of the advertisements board. People are banned/suspended for a reason, please respect that. If someone you know has been banned, we don't want to hear from them, so do not post on behalf of a banned/suspended user. This will also be treated as spam.

    The staff team are giving up their time to make this a better board; they are here voluntarily. With that, we simply ask to be treated civilly. We don't see ourselves as better than every other member - we're just here to help enhance your forum experience, to offer an impartial sounding board for questions, suggestions and problems.

    Staff and/or member disputes should not be discussed publicly on the forum. Don't create drama within the forum. Staff disputes should be personally addressed to the staff member in question. Member disputes should be raised with a member of staff who can play the role of an impartial sound board.

    Please report any incidences, including just general rule breaking to staff. All issues regarding rule breaking, particularly flaming, will be put to a staff discussion and could lead to a ban for the individual.

    Here at RSD, we work on a three strikes, you're out system. The first warning is a PM from a staff member, the second warning is an e-mail and a 3 day ban, and the third warning... Well, there isn't one. If you get to strike three, you're out, banned for 6 months minimum. Each incident will be worked on a case by case basis, so timings on bans may vary.
    All decisions that are made solely by staff will be made as a team, for the benefit for the majority of the members. It is possible that staff may make a decision that you disagree with, or that hurts your feelings, or appears to be unfair. Alas, it is an imperfect world in which we live. However, you must keep in mind that we have to make decisions based on the needs of the majority of our members. We reserve the right to suspend/delete a user or move/delete/edit a post, for any reason we feel necessary at any time. If you feel an error was made, you can send opinion or question to any member of staff, as long as you do it in a non-confrontational manner.
    You don't have to know everything about both fandoms, just as long as you understand the character you are picking up or creating. That is the important thing. Not knowing everything should not stop you from writing with anyone you really just want to write with.

    If you don't understand anything written here or ever find yourself unsure the rules relating to very specific scenarios, please feel free to ask a member of staff.
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