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»  Frequently Asked Questions
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Frequently Asked Questions
Most sites have a set of these, questions they get asked a lot, and we're no different. Because of the variations from canon and some differences in the way we run things, there's a fair few things that get asked, and we're going to address a lot of them here.

If you have any other questions that are not answered here or you can't find the answer to, please contact the staff team by replying to this thread and we'll get back to you!

FAQS in this tab are about RSD in general, about how things are run, formatting, etc. etc.

All important threads have a "last updated" label at the bottom, some marked in individual posts or tabs in a given thread. If the date is a long time ago, it's most likely that nothing has changed for that given list in a while. All important threads and lists are updated as and when something changes.
"Can I write my app in 3rd person POV?"

The only part of the app that is in 3rd person is the RP sample. The app is set out in Facebook style, posts on which are generally done in 1st person, so we would like to keep the bulk of the app that way. It also gives us a good idea of how well you are settled into any given character.
"Can I help out, and become a staff member?"

Help out? Sure, we're always looking for fresh ideas and a few more sets sets of eyes and ears to help out. We're happy to take on volunteers who wish to help with the organising of events, or even tidying up the site a little, and maybe a few other things as and when it's needed.

Become a staff member? Probably not. New staff members are chosen by the existing staff team; you can't volunteer to become a staff member.
This tab's FAQs are about the overall site plot, as well as those relating to each canon.
"Do you have a timeline of events?"

Sadly, we don't. Considering the major elements of the plot, and trying to incoporate all of the site plots everyone has worked hard on, we have opted not to have an official timeline. The site plot and character lists will be updated with the vital information for anyone wishing to jump in, but a timeline could get awful complicated since where we started with the respective canons were actually set years apart.
"Are you going to cover
the later seasons of SPN/TVD?"

This is pretty much an open possibility. Some of the later plots from both canons are regarded as quite ridiculous by a number of our members, past and present, so they may or may not be coming into play. Of course, there's a lot more ground to cover in SPN terms, however, we are open to suggestions of what to include from the seasons not included in our present canon plot lines.
The FAQS in this tab are character specific questions, for the individuals and otherwise.
"Can I change _____'s plot?"

If you want to change a canon character's plot as it is listed on the canon list, please contact the staff team so they can review this. Sometimes, the characters are integral to other plots, so changes will need to be reviewed in line with what they will affect with their changes. We are more than happy to listen to your ideas though!
"Can I bring _____ back from Heaven/Hell?"

The staff team would have to review this on a case by case basis, and you would need to contact us before applying if it's a canon character. We do want to try and fill up the present canon characters before taking on others where possible. Those who already have resurrection stories have the details in their plots.

In terms of original characters, we will make the decision based on the contents of your app. You mostly just have to be mindful that Angels have to ask for permission from their vessels and Demons don't.
"Can I bring in _____ from the Originals?"

This is something else that is on a case by case basis, and with this sort of thing, the staff team would appreciate a head's up before you apply. RSD is based around SPN and TVD, not inclusive of the Originals.

You should bear in mind that the plots involved in the recent history of the Originals are not canon as far as RSD is concerned. Therefore, if you bring someone from the Originals in, you will need to develop the individual's history yourself and somehow tie it into how and why they would move to Mystic Falls of all places.
"What happened to those who
found peace on the Other Side?"

Considering our canon crossovers, finding peace means going to Heaven and potentially becoming and Angel.

As such, being an Angel would make it quite difficult to come back as they would need permission from their vessels, and, generally speaking, a lot of those who crossed over would either be quite content in Heaven or wouldn't be big fans of idea of taking over someone else's life.
"What happened to those who were dragged off into Oblivion?"

That would be Markos, Vicki Donovan, Silas, Katherine Pierce, Maria and Julian, and Bonnie Bennett.

In our version, being dragged off into Oblivion actually meant being drawn in, by the force of a magical magnet of sorts - Kai Parker. With the impending collapse of the Other Side, Kai began to feel ripples in his prison world, and it wasn't easy to ignore something that was disruptive on a mystical level. All he had to do was reach out and grab it, whatever it may be.

As you can probably guess from our canon list, Katherine and Bonnie survived it; Katherine did her usual persuasive tricks and Bonnie was just the thing Kai had been waiting nearly 2 decades for. The others weren't so lucky - Kai absorbs the magic out of each of them; in one case, this meant death (Vicki's) as magic was keeping her alive, and the others he killed testing out his new found power.

The current TVD plot of the show has the Oblivion being related to other things, however, we set off from a different point, and we wanted to give a different spin on it. Here at RSD, we do love our sassy villains, and we couldn't let the likes of Kai go.
"What happened to those who were
simply stuck on the Other Side?"

On RSD, we regard the Other Side, as it is referred to in TVD, to be the same as Purgatory, as it is referred to in SPN.

With the force of the collapse, people could have gone either way, Heaven or Hell. For some, it would largely depend on if the residents of Hell were particularly keen to get their hands on them, but it would also depend on the kinds of people they were when they were still alive.
"Can I play Bela Talbot, but as a human?"

Bela made a deal, it was coming close to crunch time, so she started working for demons, but in the end it wasn't enough. Hellhounds came for her, so it's a safe assumption that her soul went to Hell.

With that, by now, it's well and truly corrupted. If Bela were alive, as it were, she would most likely be a demon at this point, and would have to possess someone to come back.

Also, Bela isn't on our canon list at the moment, and we want to try and fill that up before bringing in anyone else.
"Can I play a _____ doppelgänger?"

Elena and Stefan are the very last doppelgängers, as reasoned by the travellers for what they were attempting to do to Mystic Falls. Because of where we are in the plot, it is impossible for any more of these doppelgängers to exist now.

The only exception to this rule is Katerina Petrova/Katherine Pierce, who you can see on the canon list, as well as featured in the question "What happened to those who were dragged off into Oblivion?"

With the combination of canons we have, there may be room for other doppelgängers, but these will be reviewed on a case by case basis, and you must ask the staff team before applying.
"Could I make Katherine a vampire?"

She died as a human, and was drawn into Oblivion. Katherine could only come back as a human, however, whether she is turned after that is entirely up to the individual.

She does seem to do better as a vampire, but she may prove to be more useful as a human. If you are bringing to the site as a fresh character, you will have to introduce her as a human, unless the plot has been updated otherwise.
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