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»  We Just Wanna Have Fun [JANUARY EVENT], tag open
The Plot Device
 Posted: Jan 20 2017, 00:07

let's keep things moving

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~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Rules for the thread;;
  • No more than 300 words per post - this is quickfire! - for reference, the RP part of this post is 300 words
  • There is no posting order, and this account will interject at random
  • Have fun!
Official volunteers;;
  • Hosts - Klaus Mikaelson
  • No other volunteers or roles necessary
Challenges for the thread;; (in character, optional)
  • Dance like no one is watching
  • Play a game
  • Have a drink with Klaus
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

With the mansion having been empty and unused for some time, it might have been hard to believe that it would be the venue of the town's latest attempt at bringing the community back together. However, it appeared that the rumours were true, that the Mikaelsons - or one of them at the very least - was back in town, and hosting the event. The Decade Dance, the usual tradition of the high school alone, was set to bring everyone together while trying to raise money to benefit the further development of the town. Mystic Falls had suffered so much int he last few years, with a lot of mysterious goings on and more inexplicable events than an episode of Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction. Jonathan Frakes would sure have a field day with their sometimes creepy little town.

The event set at the mansion was to follow the same lines as the event at the school, the revive an old favourite for those older than high school age. It was also going to be on a grander scale, given who was hosting and where they would be, of course, as well as the fact there was only so much high schoolers could do. At least it was going to be some fun for the "grown ups".

An eighties theme was what had been decided on in the end, so it was imagined that there was going to be a lot of big hair and bright colours, as well as plenty of things that didn't quite match. There was room for socialising, room for dancing, even room for playing games here, but upstairs was off limits; not that anyone would need any more space than was readily available, given the cavernous rooms that made up the ground floor of the Mikaelson mansion.
Juliet Fletcher
 Posted: Jan 24 2017, 00:35

Triggered Werewolf


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From her time in Mystic Falls, Juliet had heard plenty about the MIkaelson mansion and the wealth that obviously was displayed within it, but this night would be the first time she had ever decided to willingly step into an event hosted there. Lately large group events weren’t exactly on her list of favorite places to show up at, but Juliet couldn’t resist the opportunity to dress up and possibly meet some new people in town that she hadn’t run into before. She left her apartment with her hair ratted out as best as she could along with an off the shoulder top and some stirrup pants to go along with the 80s theme. It already seemed like a crowd was growing in the large home and Juliet was quick to make sure she arrived in plenty of time to see all of the festivities.

She could have spent a good portion of time looking at the intricate decorating of the mansion, but instead she decided to immediately pursue any area that looked like she might be able to get a drink at hand. She didn’t want to admit she was nervous about her first big outing since her transformation, but a little bit of alcohol wouldn’t hurt anyone. Juliet tapped the first shoulder she saw crowded near a wall of one of the rooms and waiting until they looked back at her to speak, “I don’t suppose there’s a bar hanging out behind you- is there?”
Benjamin Mathus
 Posted: Feb 1 2017, 02:08



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Benji wasn’t sure how he managed to arrive at the Mikaelson home in one piece, but he quickly found himself interested to go inside and see what the noise was about. He blamed his seclusion back at his hotel during the day that spurred his desire to try to speak to someone, whether it was at some kind of social function or not. The vampire chewed nervously on his bottom lip as he waiting for his turn to pass through the front doors silently thanking himself for the fact that he was smart enough to feed before he came to something like this.

He thought he was doing better, even though the absence of his wife Marni again was unbearable now that she was no longer making herself known to him. He blamed his revelation about being a vampire for ruining everything once again and did his best to keep quiet about it. Benji quickly moved to the corner of the front entrance as soon as he got inside and scanned the crowd for anyone that might have looked familiar. He bumped shoulders with someone soon after that was passing through the entrance when he was. “Sorry. Just looking for someone,” Benji mumbled under his breath before he nervously ran a hand through his hair.
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