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»  The Main Plot
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 Posted: Jun 18 2014, 14:38



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How the 2 canons fit together is detailed briefly here, with specifics in the other tabs.

We are a dual fandom site, running Supernatural and the Vampire Diaries intertwined with one another.

The RSD plot initially kicked off from the very start of Supernatural season 5 and the very end of the Vampire Diaries season 5. There's definitely a lot of pieces to be picking up along the way. These two seasons do not tie up in terms of the years they are set, however, we don't have a heavy focus on the years specifically, but tying major events together - ie. the seals of Hell being broken in SPN, and the Other Side collapsing in TVD.

Purgatory and the Other Side are one and the same; when it collapsed, it made Lucifer's break for freedom that little bit easier. Obviously, the 66 seals being busted wide open helped as well.

In the first few months since that happened, the remnants of the Mystic Falls Founder's Council oversaw the rebuild and refurbishment of a few of its establishments and the other buildings and such around the Mystic Grill. The Grill came under new management in the form of Ellen and Jo Harvelle, and was renamed the Mystic Roadhouse. The old Gilbert building was also taken over by a silent partner, although, it appears the majority of it is functioning and a walk in medical centre. It was also noted that the author Carver Edlund, commonly know as Chuck Shurley, moved to Mystic Falls seeking his muse. Damon Salvatore was also suspiciously missing in action throughout this time.

In the months that followed that, Mystic Falls saw a sudden increase in animal attacks once again, the police department and the Council actively working to find out what was causing it, although, some being privvy to the fact that they were spending more of their time trying to cover up what was going on than making a big deal out of it. It was during these months that Damon seemed to resurface, and a lot of new faces seemed to crop up around town.

A year later, and the town is still trying to work its way back to normal, which is no small feat for a place like Mystic Falls. However, the Council, with the help of local business, such as the Mystic Roadhouse, have spent the last year throwing all sorts of community events out there in an effort to distract and entertain the locals.

Over the last 6 months or so, things have really started heating up. Due to the rise in temperatures, the normally self-sustaining Falls of Mystic Falls saw a significant drop in water levels, as well as at the Lockwood Lake.It definitely didn't stop students having parties at down at the lake. Temperatures continued to stay high during the day for several months, but at the summer passed, the nights definitely dropped quite cold. The continued heat meant the water levels in and around Mystic Falls reached an all time low. With Autumn drawing in again, the overall temperature levels have started to normalise again, however, the nights are getting colder still. Town officials were happy to note that the local water levels finally stopped dropping, and they can work to restore each feature where possible, although, the infrequent heavy rain during the night should help with that.

Local officials were trying to keep everyone's health and well-being in mind, regularly reminding people of the importance of keeping hydrated, not spending too much time in the sun, and to make sure they are dressed appropriately. The walk-in centre within the old Gilbert building even had its opening hours extended, mostly because the local hospital's A&E was generally swamped already, and allowing better access to locals in need of help.

The Founders' Council released plans for the continuing refresh project in town, and set out plans for several fundraisers to help continue the project. Due to the tragedy of the passing of the previous for runner of the project, the project has been taken over by another out of town official, was looking for volunteers to participate in a refresh of the town square, however, found it quite difficult, despite the Council's pleas. It would appear that many townsfolk have lost faith in the Council in regards to keeping the town safe, and they are quite reluctant to support an outsider, even though he was a good friend of the previous project front runner who was quite well liked. Hopefully, the new project manager's continued interaction with the community will get people on side, and help the town in the long run.

Crime rates in southern California saw a significant rise over the last few months or so. Obviously, it's not something that would necessarily be news worthy - crime in California - but when the levels of violent crimes increase tenfold, people start to question what's in the water. It seems to have been on the rise for a while, but it's now presenting a cause for concern. This started to spread up through California, as well as breaching into parts of Arizona. It was after this the news spread through the west coast of America. After the 5 month mark, the crime rates in southern Califoria itself began to level out again, however, it is now the surrounding areas that are still an issue.

A cordon sanitaire was set up around the entire town of LaFayette, Georgia due to an outbreak of an unknown disease. The cordon was set up to try and isolate the disease, in order to start appropriate research and testing. All that was known about the disease was that it's transferred through bodily contact. After just a matter of weeks, the cordon was extended to include a greater chunk of Walker county, and even crossed into parts of Whitfield county, and the disease was still unknown as authorities were unable to safely access samples. Considering the severity of the situation, the news about this would have spread up through the east coast of America. After this, the cordon did not need any further expansion, however, continued efforts to identify and treat the disease have so far been unsuccessful. There is a noted dip in activity within the cordon, suggesting the majority of its inhabitants have sadly died or sought shelter.

A new strange case came to light in the state of New Hampshire, in Rochester specifically; authorities didn't want to throw out the words "serial killer" since there was only one body found... Well... Parts of one body. It was believed that the rest of the body was consumed, perhaps as part of some unusual ritual. Further investigation into the body parts were not successful in working out a motive. The body count - if you could call it that, considering it was only parts turning up - was 7, just a couple of months after the first parts were found. Authorities started to consider that it may not just be the work of one individual, down to the fact that parts began showing up all over the state. Due to the spread of the pieces, the news regarding this spread down the east coast of America. A further couple of months would see the body count upped to 13, with some parts now being found in Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut. It is assumed that the FBI and other agencies are involved in the investigation at this stage, however, there are still no leads at present.

It hasn't just been Mystic Falls feeling the heat - the rest of the world has felt a significant change in temperature over the last few months, even more than the usual summer hear. Record highs were predicted, and records highs were what the world got. Of course, a lot of countries noticed, considering the daily high temperatures, the nightly temperatures are dropping quite rapidly. These extremes proved to be quite dangerous. There was a global increase of individuals dying from heat stroke, exhaustion, dehydration, hyperthermia, and, in contrast, hypothermia. People across the globe have heard the varieties of upsetting reports in regards to the weather and the death toll associated with it over the summer. As Autumn began, temperates began to normalise, however, considering the last couple of months, scientists are attempt to predict the next few months, most importantly, just how cold winter is going to be.
This tab covers what to bear in mind in terms of the Supernatural plot here on RSD.

The Harvelles have really gotten into the swing of things, running a place like the Mystic Roadhouse in a place like Mystic Falls. At least they eventually were brought back into the loop when the Winchester boys came to town, both having different opinions on the current state of things and plans on how to resolve matters. They would all perhaps be better organised if Bobby could bring himself to leave Sioux Falls, but he is quite settled in his base of operations - the impending apocalypse is just business as usual for a seasoned hunter.

The Winchesters have been introduced to another of their birthrights - the Men of Letters, an underground (literally) organisation that has been around for decades, maybe even centuries or millenia, that are fascinated with the discovery and documentation of all things supernatural. Largely, the organisation only deals with the most elite hunters, however, the name Winchester is one familiar to them; Henry Winchester, their grandfather, having once been part of the origanisation.

In broader terms of the Men of Letters, it is being managed by a warlock who is out to prove himself, his own distant family having been part of the organisation way back when. The more the warlock gets involved in Mystic Falls, the more the organisation is willing to provide, more and more information being sent through from the archive. All being well, they should start getting in more and more cases, which will eventually lead to the funding to expand and potentially grant access to new members.

All of their collective hard work and progress could be destroyed, depending on the continued state of Heaven and Hell...

The majority of Angel kind will be more than aware of how closed the communications between Heaven and Earth have been sine the collapse of Purgatory, although, the channels have been a little more open in the last couple of months, even without the guidance from on high. The Prophet Chuck has started to see things again, but things are still quite hazy... At least it's better than the dead silence he's been experiencing.

The Archangels have yet to make their presence known on Earth, opting to remain in Heaven, awaiting orders from God who seems to have been mysteriously absent since the collapse. With this, a lot of other angels have been scattered around, blindly looking for God, however, it seems those partaking in the search may be somewhat divided - some want him back to put Lucifer back in his place, others are starting to question what God had ever done...

So, Lucifer is out and about on Earth, however, no one has been able to keep track of him, even his demon followers. It is apparent that the majority are still out to spread the word of Lucifer, and are more than happy to spread the chaos and destruction he enjoys. It's only a matter of time now before he makes his grand debut. There are few who are privvy to the present location to the Prince of Darkness, although, there are some who are getting a little too comfortable in his absence.

Some demons have taken to following the likes of Crowley, the current King of the Crossroads. Hell may be Lucifer's terrain and the demons his children of sorts, but Crowley is still one of those at the forefront of dark power, particularly in Lucifer's absence. It is quite apparent that Crowley would be more than happy with a significant promotion. The King of Hell has a really nice ring to it, after all.

As a general rule, all monsters and demons of Hell are thriving in the chaos, but perhaps they shouldn't be getting as bold as they are...
Specific plot information for The Vampire Diaries canon on RSD can be found here.

We should tell you now that events that took place in the Originals, the TVD spin off, didn't happen as part of the plot here on RSD. Historical information can be retained for the most part as it defines characters.

In terms of the episode that linked to the spin off, a few things have changed. Klaus did go to New Orleans to chase up on the lead Katherine provided, and he did find out Marcel is still alive. Elijah and Rebekah followed him, knowing what he was capable of, including getting himself into situations he may not necessarily be in control of. The plot against Klaus wasn't entirely accurate, the witches were more concerned with celebratory preparations and negotiating with Marcel. More on this below.

With the Originals back in New Orleans, it seemed as if they were there to stay. They settled back in quite nicely alongside Marcel, Klaus' hybrids providing a further buffer between the vampires and the witches in the city. Of course, there was definitely a natural pecking order, although, the Mikaelsons really weren't there to try and run the show. However, all it took was one phone call from a worried blonde vampire to take one of them away again, back to the place he promised he wouldn't go ever again...

After the explosion at the Grill, the site was claimed to be safe again, and residents came back and tried to get on with their lives... With exception of the few. Those who lost Damon Salvatore and Bonnie Bennett and knew what really happened. They got to mourn the loss of friends that the rest of the town didn't know where actually dead. They couldn't be though, right? If the Other Side existed, surely that meant other places did as well... Right?

Optimistically, if their random theories were true, it mean that Bonnie and Damon were alive... Kind of. Of course, the prospect didn't bode well for the likes of Damon, given his history, but it was better than the alternative. Between streams of grief, the group attempted to find out if their theories were right, if there were other places beyond death. They just couldn't give up on their friends like that.

A few months after the explosion, Damon resurfaced... But not as they would have hoped. If people thought he was unhinged and dangerous before, they were in for a surprise as to how he was post-Hell. Almost disappointingly, he had been dragged to and from Hell all by himself, meaning Bonnie was still out there... Somewhere. Damon made it his business to make his former friends very aware of how angry he was with them, believing that they didn't do anything to try and help him when he needed them most, tearing a path of destruction through his life. They thought they could manage it, but Damon had never been this bad before.

Enter Klaus, of all people. Who else would you turn to for advice on evil than someone who is (was?) actually evil? The Original Hybrid had provoked evil before, surely it would work the other way... Right? Wrong. So very wrong. Klaus' attempt at compelling the humanity back into Damon worked the complete opposite to the desired effect - Damon's humanity switch was broken, wedged defiantly in the off position. It was only a matter of time before Damon crossed the wrong person though, a clued up witch, who luckily had a heart towards the feelings of those who still wanted Damon in their lives.

Following this, Damon spent months in the Salvatore basement, an early of sorts Christmas present to his friends. During that time, those same friends watched him slowly dessicate and break down before their very eyes, some even getting a glimpse into his head, a brief picture of what had happened to him in Hell. If they didn't believe where he had gone before, they couldn't ignore it now.

Now, the gang are tentatively trying to get back into things, trying to find a way to get to Bonnie, if they can, hoping that Damon was right, that she didn't go to Hell...

Whilst all of this was going on, Bonnie was coming to terms with living in 1994 or more specifically May 10th 1994, over and over... Over and over... Alongside Katherine, of all people, and a twisted young warlock called Kai, who was apparently banished to their collective prison by his family, after he murdered the majority of his siblings. Yeah, it was all fun and games for poor Bonnie. At least she wasn't actually dead, so that's a plus, right?

As it turned out, Bonnie being in Kai's prison wasn't as much of a handy coincidence as she may have thought; it was orchestrated by Kai himself, albeit being a lucky break for him. He wanted out, and Bonnie was his ticket to do so, but she wasn't going to make it that easy. When did Bonnie Bennett make things easy for the bad guys? That wasn't how she was designed, and dead or not or whatever she may be, she wasn't going to change her lifelong efforts. Although, Kai wasn't going to make it easier for her to stop him either.

Kai had come from a powerful coven, the Gemini, originally from Portland, where he was regarded as a bit of a freak, even by magical standards. He couldn't generate his own powers, he stole it, siphoned it from other people. By the time Bonnie came into his prison, he had already destroyed some of the major magical forces that had tried to ruin her friends' lives before all Hell had broken loose, literally. Katherine had witnessed him bursting at the seams with the power he had absorbed from Silas, accidentally blowing up the odd building, only to have them restore the very next day. He had just about managed to get a hold of himself again once he dragged Bonnie in, luckily for her.

Eventually, the call of going home got too strong and Bonnie gave in to Kai's attempts at bargaining and Katherine's continued return to her old way by way of threats and manipulation. Of course, after they got out of the prison world, it wasn't a simple case of parting ways and going home, her incessant guilt wouldn't allow her to let these two reprobates loose on the world. She was one of the good guys after all. So, even if it meant following Kai around as Katherine lead him on another one of her wild goose chases, another attempt to keep herself alive, Bonnie would do it, all so she could go home with a clean conscience...
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