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With this, we have updated the character masterlist to match the theme of the other important threads around site.

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»  Face Claim List
Admin Lia
 Posted: Jun 18 2014, 18:57

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There should be no repeated face claims unless it involves twins, triplets, doppelgängers or anything else of that nature.

If you know a face has been used for a character within a show, but is not listed here, please PM a member of staff who will advise you on whether or not the face can be used. Similarly, if a certain name isn't on this list and hasn't been in the show, it has not been claimed yet, please feel free to stake that claim!

A strike through represents a face claim that cannot be used, be it because it was that of a character that died or some other similar reason.

Add a face
[b]Celeblast, First[/b] as [URL=http://linktouserprofile]Charfirst Last[/URL]

Reserve a face
[i]Celeblast, First[/i] for [b]player alias[/b] until two weeks from Month Date


~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Adams, Amy as Aisling McCormac
Aycox, Nicki as Meg
Bush, Sophia as Kathryn Daren
Canning, Sara as Jenna Sommers
Cohen, Lauren as Bela Talbot
Cohen, Lauren as Rose-Marie Thatcher
Collins, Lily for Sara Hart
Day, Felicia as Charlene Bradbury
Deschanel, Zooey as Jacquelyn Bryce
Dobrev, Nina as Amara
Dobrev, Nina as Elena Gilbert
Dobrev, Nina as Katherine Pierce
Devitto, Tory as Meredith Fell
Ferris, Samantha as Ellen Harvelle
Fonseca, Lyndsy as Ana Roman
German, Lauren as Clea Givens
Graham, Kat as Bonnie Bennett
Heard, Amber as Iofiel
Holt, Claire as Rebekah Mikaelson
Kebbel, Arielle as Alexia Branson
King, Candice as Caroline Forbes
Lawrence, Jennifer as Iofiel
Macintyre, Marguerite as Elizabeth Forbes
Mauzy, Mackenzie as Alicia Hawkins
Miner, Rachel as Meg
Mitchell, Penelope as Olivia Parker
Olsen, Elizabeth as Juliet Fletcher
Perry, Katy as Marina Mathus
Rose, Ruby as Abigail Harrison
Silk, Anna as McKenna Ryder
Solo, Ksenia as Lucinda Castellanos
Stineman, Galadriel as Elizabeth Franklin
Stone, Emma as Verchiel
Tal, Alona as Joanna Harvelle
Weaver, Sigourney as Miranda Bryce
Winstead, Mary E. as Maxine Burkhardt
Abel, Jake as Michael
Ackles, Jensen as Dean Winchester
Barnes, Ben as Leon Hart
Beaver, Jim as Robert Singer
Benedict, Rob as Charles Shurley
Bomer, Matt as Rosier
Brochu, Chris as Lucas Parker
Butler, Gerard as Daniel Bryce
Buzolic, Nathaniel as Kol Mikaelson
Campbell, Bruce as James Hart IV
Cohen, Matt as Michael
Collins, Misha as Castiel
Davis, Matt as Alaric Saltzman
Evans, Luke as William Bryce
Flanagan, Tommy as Murtagh Kinnaird
Fuller, Kurt as Zachariah
Gillies, Daniel as Elijah Mikaelson
Groff, Jonathan as Aidan Shepherd
Gubler, Matthew G. as Nathaniel Shepherd
Giuntoli, David as Tobias Sinclair
Hyde, Jonathan as Jackson Bryce
Lehne, Fredric as Azazel
Malarkey, Michael as Lorenzo St. John
McAvoy, James as Nicholas Bryce
McQueen, Steven R. as Jeremy Gilbert
Molony, Damien as Finley McCormac
Morgan, Joseph as Niklaus Mikaelson
Padalecki, Jared as Samuel Winchester
Pellegrino, Mark as Lucifer
Pine, Chris as Alexander Dunn
Pratt, Chris as Emmett Brody
Rathbone, Jackson as Dylan Xavier
Reynolds, Ryan as Isaac Ryan
Roche, Sebastian as Balthazar
Roche, Sebastian as Mikael
Roerig, Zack as Matthew Donovan
Samuel, Xavier as Rhys Hart
Sheppard, Mark as Crowley
Smith, Kavan as Cuthbert Sinclair
Somerhalder, Ian as Damon Salvatore
Speight Jr, Richard as Gabriel
Taylor-Johnson, Aaron as Scott Madge
Turner, Aidan as Malachi
Trevino, Michael as Tyler Lockwood
Urie, Brendon as Benjamin Mathus
Wesley, Paul as Stefan Salvatore
West, Shane as Josh Daren
Wittrock, Finn as Vincent Burkhardt
Wood, Chris as Malachai Parker
Wood, Elijah as Rosier
thank you brooklyn from caution and sds !

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